Document Productivity on Steroids

Perfect documents in half the time

Pharma & Lifesciences

Bring drugs to market faster by solving the nightmare of document compliance
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Collaborate on the same document seamlessly from anywhere. doDOC will automatically maintain 100% traceability of your work down to the single keystroke.
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Safely collaborate with colleges and third parties, always being in charge of the status in real time. Rearrange content up to the very last minute as the system takes care of all formatting, numbering, references and indexing.
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Oil & Gas

Separating formatting from content allows you to spend your time on subject matter. Work on tables, illustrations and advanced formulas. Collaborate with colleges regardless of locations. Make your life simpler.
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Prepare, review and approve your scientific manuscripts sharing your work with collaborators anywhere in the world. Control their permissions, accept changes and obtain a compliant document following journal's specific requirements.
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Generate reports on-site, collecting all the information as a notepad that can evolve into a perfect looking report following your branding or your customers'.
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